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Your "Status", or ranking, is the average of your scores in five categories. Below is an explanation of the five categories used in the FPC to determine ones Football Personality, you can also click here for the formulas used to derive scores in each category:

Winning Average (WA) The percentage of games in which you correctly chose the winner.

Example:If you chose 7 winners correctly from 10 games, your WA would be 70

Winning by Point Average (WPA) The percentage of games in which you correctly chose the winner utilizing the Las Vegas point line (point spread).

* Please note that there are no ties in our pool. All ties go to the favorite so keep this in mind when making predictions

Example:If you chose 5 winners correctly utilizing the Vegas point spread, your WPA would be 50. At the risk of stating the obvious, you can choose the winner of a game correctly but not win by the point spread and vive-versa.

Point Differential Average (PDA) A comparison between the score predicted for a game and the actual score of the game itself.

Example:If you say the Jets will win a game 27-10 and they win 27-14, your PDA for that game is 4 (the difference between the 10 points you predicted for the opponent and the 14 points they actually scored).

There is a scale used and ther lower your PDA is, the more PDA points you will recieve.

Exact Score Picks (ESP) Points are awarded for each time you choose the exact number of points a team will score.

Example:If you say the Dolphins will lose 30- 10 and they lose 40-10, you will be awarded points for predicting they will score exactly 10 points.

Upsets (UPS) Points are awarded for a player that predicts an underdog to win

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