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How to Play


If you have not yet joined us and would like to, please complete our registration form, choose a password and your "alias".


The rules of the game are simple, just pick the scores for each Sunday's professional football games. Our computer does the rest!


Perhaps the best part of the FPC is the statistics.

The FPC takes your predictions and ranks your accuracy in five categories:

1. How many winners you choose (WA)
2. How many winners you choose by the point spread (WPA)
3. How close your predictions are to the actual score of the game (PDA)
4. How many exact scores can predict (ESP)
5. How well you choose upsets (UPS)

The average of your scores in these five categories is your Status. Players will be ranked by their Status.

Each week standings will be posted. You will be able to check your ranking for that weeks games, for the entire season up to that point and for each of the five categories.

Also, almost everything on the site is a clickable link. Click on a category to get the current standings for that particular category or click on a player to view their personal homepage. You can also click on a given week from a personal homepage to see results from that weeks contest.

Click here for a detailed explanation of the Categories.

Click here for a list of the prizes.

Click here to see an example of weekly and seasonal stats

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